April 17, 2012

WARNING SIGNS : Speech & language disorders / delay

When to get help

Call your child's doctor or a speech pathologist if your child:

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
12 to 18 months
  • at 12 months, doesn't use gestures such as waving or shaking her head
  • by 12 months, isn't practicing using at least a couple of consonants (p, b, etc.)
  • by 12 months, isn't somehow communicating to you when she needs help with something
  • at 15 months, doesn't understand and respond to words such as "no" and "bye-bye"
  • by 15 months, can't say at least one to three words
  • by 15 months, doesn't say "mama" or "dada"
  • at 16 months, doesn't point to body parts when asked
  • at 18 months, isn't saying at least 15 words

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
19 to 24 months
  • by 19 to 20 months, isn't pointing out things of interest, such as a bird or airplane overhead
  • by 20 months, isn't making at least six consonant sounds
  • at 21 months, doesn't respond to simple directions
  • by 21 months, doesn't pretend with her dolls or herself (brushing her hair, feeding her doll, etc.)
  • by 24 months, doesn't imitate actions or words of others
  • by 24 months, can't point to named pictures in a book
  • at 24 months, can't join two words together
  • at 24 months, doesn't know the function of common household objects — toothbrush, telephone, fork, etc.

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
25 to 36 months
  • at 26 months, uses no two-word simple sentences
  • at 30 months, can't name at least three body parts
  • at 30 months, can't be understood by anyone in her family
  • by 32 months, has difficulty singing fragments of nursery rhymes
  • at 36 months, doesn't ask questions
  • at 36 months, can't be understood by strangers at least half the time
  • by 36 months, is unable to articulate initial consonants (for example, says "all" instead of "ball"
  • by 36 months, is unable to name most common household objects

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
3 to 4 years
  • at 3, can't speak in short phrases
  • by 3, is unable to understand short instructions
  • at 3, has no interest in interacting with other children
  • at 3, has extreme difficulty separating from a parent
  • by 3 1/2, consistently fails to add final consonant to words (for example, saying "ca" instead of "cat")
  • at 4, still stutters (has true difficulty producing a sound or word) frequently, often accompanied by facial grimacing
  • at 4, isn't almost fully understandable

- credit to: www.babycenter.com

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